Saturday, October 22, 2016

Triple Bunk Bed

With the number of grands growing (8 at the moment)
and all of them getting bigger, the kids' room needed a bit more space.

We had a bunk bed with a trundle, but it just wasn't cutting it any more!
So I showed Husband some pictures of triple bunks and we settled on a style.

 By putting the beds at perpendicular angles,
the space in between could be cut down to 12 inches.
so the top bunk wouldn't be too high for the little ones.

 We added safety rails and ladders on the ends.

 There's even a little nook to play in.

 The bedding stayed pretty much the same,
red, white and blue quilts and pillows.
I didn't want to redo everything, besides,
these were all quilts used by my boys.

I kept what we needed in there, bookshelves,
desks and small chairs, plus the little extras that make it so cute!
(Pretty much everything in this room I have had since my kids were little)

I took pics of the process and I'll try to get a post up
next week to show you how we built it.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Mantel

I wanted to do something a little different
this year for the summer mantel.

 Instead of the usual "cottage garden chic",
I thought I would go the beach!

 I dug out some shells and this cool picture that
belonged to my dad.

This was my inspiration, blue and white, the ocean...

 Filled a glass vase with shells gathered when we lived
near the ocean in Washington,

 Stacked some sand dollars in a bell jar.

 Moved some shutters in front of the fireplace opening.

I even changed out the wing chairs for the navy striped ones.

Bring on the Summer!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Repurposing Junk Into A Potting Bench

I am always looking to get rid of the "junk" around my yard,
but in a purposeful manner.

So, we took an old window, some fence boards
and my father-in-law's very old (and falling apart) work bench,
put them together and, voila, a potting bench!

I can now organize and take stock of all my
pots, gardening tools, mulch...

I also have a few less items in my junk pile.

And it's pretty to look at!

Added bonus: it helps disguise an ugly shed,
but that's a story for another day!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Cleaning

As I was doing some Spring Cleaning and getting ready for a
family weekend, I also put up some
simple Spring decorations

I wanted to keep it simple this year,

eggs in a nest, birds and birdhouse, sprig of cotton
on the entry table;

all white mantel,

lavender and vintage Easter cards,

bunny and flowers and large birdhouse,

and an egg in the Quimper dish,

all fill the living room;

dried hydrangeas,

and white tulips are all I need for the dining room.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Cottage Bedroom

True to form, the master bedroom in this
House with Potential
is the last to get attention!

When we first moved in, I painted the walls a soft
Robin's Egg blue, put up the black four-poster,
added a few pictures and called it a day.

But when I updated the family room, I was missing
those cottage-style touches, like the red-checked curtains
and Mount Vernon family tree.

So, I decided to finally work on my bedroom and add
those cottage touches in here.

The red curtains looked great with the wall color
and the family tree worked well over the bed.

I also painted the bed white and took down the footboard posts
to make the room feel larger.

Next, I needed bedding.
I wanted something simple, but it had to bring
together all the colors and work with the cottage theme.

I looked everywhere, to no avail, until I realized
the solution was right under my nose!

I brought in some quilts and pillows I already had
and just played with the combinations until I was happy.

To tie it all together, I went to my fabric stash and pulled out
this Waverly fabric I bought years ago for $1/yard
(that's right, $1)!
I glued a strip of the red checks to the bottom and,
viola, a bedskirt!

Then, I just raided my stash pile and other rooms in the house
until I had a collection of frames, old windows,
white plates and other miscellaneous items
for the walls and tables.

I framed a baby dress that had belonged
to my grandmother for one wall.

I liked it so much, I hung another one
on this old window.

I was painting this $5 dresser to sell
when I realized it was the perfect size and style
to hold the tv, and what could be easier
than hanging up an old window and
some empty frames?

This wall was already decorated,
and it fit right in!

I have a few things left to do, and probably
a few tweaks along the way, but overall,
happy cottage bedroom!