Monday, June 15, 2015

Family Room Reveal: Before and After

I was perfectly happy with my family room.

I loved the red check curtains,
the cottag-y slipcovers, and my dad's pine trunk.

I loved it even more when I got a new grey couch!
And it looked great with everything that was already in the room.
No need to change anything!

But one day, just for fun, I hung up some grey fabric
to see what it would look like instead of the red checks.

Then I just happened to find this great rug when
I was shopping on vacation.
I wasn't looking for it, it was just there!

Well, one thing always leads to something else,
so I made new slipcovers in a navy ticking
and new pillows to keep a pop of red.
(Plus, I wanted to keep the little red dresser in the corner)

I also brought in an old over-stuffed chair and painted it grey,

traded the heavy, dark trunk for an airy, white table,

and made new pillows for the couch,
including some red-checked ones!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ticking-Stripe Slip Covers

I love new slipcovers!
And these were long overdue.
The old slipcovers on these chairs were getting a bit ratty,
but I just couldn't find any fabric I wanted to replace them.

Until I decided to change the color scheme of the room.
Then everything fell into place and I suddenly knew
 what fabric these chairs needed to be.
 I have done several tutorials on how to make slipcovers, so I won't do that now.
If you are interested, you can check out this sofa slipcover, or either wing back chair
slipcover, here or here.
I will just add a few details and tips relevant to these chairs.

 I wanted pleats (which are very easy and not too time consuming),
so I used wide navy seam binding as a detail to cover the seam.

 I used the same binding to make matching piping.

I used fabric that I bought a few years ago, and as I was cutting out the pieces,
I realized I was going to be short a couple of yards. I looked everywhere, but
nothing matched the coloring of this particular ticking fabric. So I used
some linen I already had for the backing.

I brought the ticking over the back and added a strip down the middle
to add detail to the plain linen fabric.

I also used muslin for the underside of the cushion
and part of the cushion band that wouldn't show.
This stretched my ticking fabric so that it was just enough!

 New pillows complete the look!

No Minimalist Here

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I know it's been weeks since I have written on this blog, but we have been very busy
working on the House with Potential, and finally there is some real progress!

Inside, there are some new light fixtures.

I hadn't planned on a new chandelier in the dining room,
but when I found this one half off at World Market,

I just had to have it!

I love the details!

I haven't had an overhead light in my bedroom for 2 years,
so I am delighted to see clearly again! It gets so hot in the
summers here that a fan is a necessity, and I love this one!
(Now that I can see clearly, I am motivated to get this room done!)

The family room also needed a new fan/light. 
The globe broke in transit, but I am on the hunt for
a replacement.

This room also got a new rug (same shopping trip as the chandelier),

and I am working on the slipcovers.
So, progress all around!

Most of my time has been working in the garage,
trying to tame the clutter and getting ready to have a
humungous yard sale.

I know this may seem like a small thing to many,
but I came out to the garage to look at this spot
several times because it made me so happy!

A little white paint on those dark cabinets and some
organization of fabric and crafts made a huge difference.
( You don't need to see the rest of the garage at this point!)

Outside, more progress!

 The pergola is finally going up!

There is still so much to do, but I am grateful
and so happy with all this progress!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Painting a Club Chair

More progress on changing up the family room:

 This week I painted the fabric on my old club chair.

 It has had many, many slipcovers,
but I wanted to do something a little different this time.

 I am thinking of using nail head trim on the arms,
I think that would jazz it up a bit.

 There are many websights telling you how to do this, 
I found several on Pinterest.

 Basically I mixed about equal amounts of grey paint 
and fabric medium (found at Michael's).
The only tip would be to use a shade of paint
a little darker than you want because the medium is white
and lightens the paint color slightly.

 But I think it looks good with the new couch and curtains.

This is my next project in this room!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Adding Easter to Spring Decor

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I would add
a few items to my Spring decor.

The mantle got a Rejoice banner and pretty blue egg.

I rearranged the entry table and dining table,
bringing the love birds and eggs under the cloche to the entry.

 A pot of lavender and another egg was added to the coffee table.

 The hydrangeas moved from the entry to the dining room.

 And a bowl of pretty colored eggs joined the flowers 
"under glass" on the Welsh dresser.

 Outside, I added a little banner to the basket of flowers.


Happy Easter!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Decorating

I seem to be in a whimsical mood this Spring
and the decor reflects this mood!

Grandma's antique cake plate holds a bird's nest basket
filled with pretty eggs,
while a pair of love birds sit below.

I added the little wooden church birdhouses to break up all the glass.

English Daisies are one of my favorite Spring flowers.
They look so special "under glass", but you have to water them every day
due to the tiny flower pots!

In the entry, I went with hydrangeas in a beautiful blue pot.

The White Rabbit makes an appearance this year,

along with a very colorful little cuckoo clock and
little English pots.

 A white birdcage sits on the shelf beside the door,

filled with colorful johnny jump-ups!

Another birdhouse sits on the tea cart
beside a pot of lavender,

 while a pair of bunnies hide underneath!

 More English Daisies and a porcelain bunny

find a home with the Amish goose!

Spring is such a magical, whimsical time of year,
with beautiful flowers and the promise of renewal and hope!

Have fun with your Spring decorating!