Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Continues Around the House: Living Room

Continuing the Fall Tour from the entry (yesterday), we head to the living room which is really part of the entry, so once again, color is kept to a minimum.

Candles in a milk bottle holder with acorns and white mini pumpkin
gives just a hint of color.

On the table under the window, hydrangeas from the garden
sit in a pale blue bowl with more acorns.

 The mantle holds most of the decorations
starting with a "thankful" banner

 Ironstone pitcher filled with wheat

 Wooden rooster and church birdhouses

Finials, acorns,

and a paper garland of large leafs cut from sheet music.

Books about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving

and thankful pillows add to the overall look.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Moving Fall Into the House!

Fall moves into the entry:

keeping color to a minimum

to accent, not compete with, the decor

fleur-de-lis finials and acorns

leafs cut from pretty scrapbook paper

candles set in an old maple sugar mold from
Country Living Fair

dried pomegranates in mercury vase 

Monday, October 27, 2014

I Love Fall!

Fall is my favorite season!
I love the colors, the falling leaves, the chill in the air,
and the anticipation of the coming holidays!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Computer Woes: Finally Back in Business!

I have had major computer issues the last month or so, and not even my genius son couldn't fix it!

So I finally sent it in to the company and just got it back!
In case you were wondering, that's where I've been.

However, I wasn't idle while my computer was away.
In fact, I got quite a lot accomplished.

 Two slipcovers:

Front posts:

New adjustments to some old rooms:

Fall decorating:

Just to mention a few!

I will share the details and some tutorials in the coming weeks!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Re-examined Life

Hmmm....  Summer is over and I am finally ready to start some new projects!

I didn't intend to take the entire summer off, but that seems to be what happened.
I guess I had taken my life to such a crazy extreme that I just didn't realize how really exhausted I was. Four jobs and several volunteer positions left me little time to do the things I really wanted to do! So, last spring I began to take stock of my life and make some hard decisions.

Although I was mostly enjoying my furniture business and other activities, nothing was getting done at home. We were way behind on this House With Potential and I was tired of living in a half-finished house.

I also was tired of losing touch with some of the people in my life who mean a lot to me. Just finding a day for lunch with an old friend took weeks, sometimes months. And with most of my kids living out of town now, it's a 2 hour drive to visit.

So, one at a time, I evaluated and ultimately quit all of my jobs. I evaluated my ministry and volunteer work as well, but decided most of them were worth my time.

So this year I am devoting my time to two main things: my house and my relationships. And not necessarily in that order!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vacation at the Coast

Okay, I know it has been over 2 weeks since I have posted
or even looked at this blog!
Life has been so busy, I guess it just all caught up with me,
and I stopped anything that didn't absolutely need to be done!

After about 4 months of nonstop work and activities, we took a
much-needed family vacation to the coast at Shelter Cove.

It was the perfect place: fairly isolated, 
right across the road from Seal Rock,

and very relaxing, even with 4 little ones!

We had lots of adventures, like throwing rocks into the ocean,

exploring the local lighthouse,

touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time,

watching the seals,

playing in the waves,

 and looking at the beautiful old houses.

On the last day, I took out some jars I brought and 
 the kids filled them with things they had collected,
like black sand and pretty shells.

Add a label to mark the place and date, 
and they have a nice remembrance of the trip!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VBS Week: International Spy Academy!

Vacation Bible School Week is always so much fun!
This year we have a great team and such a fun theme:
International Spy Academy!

We had some great artists working on the set this year!

The hallways were transformed into a city street!

 Spy Command Center!

 Spies are everywhere!

Deciphering Codes!

International Flags

 Music and skits are always favorites!

Missionary with Hope Alive! in Uganda telling the kids about kids in Africa.
This is our mission project this year.

Over 100 kids running through the halls, singing and learning
 more about the One True God: what a great week!