Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Re-examined Life

Hmmm....  Summer is over and I am finally ready to start some new projects!

I didn't intend to take the entire summer off, but that seems to be what happened.
I guess I had taken my life to such a crazy extreme that I just didn't realize how really exhausted I was. Four jobs and several volunteer positions left me little time to do the things I really wanted to do! So, last spring I began to take stock of my life and make some hard decisions.

Although I was mostly enjoying my furniture business and other activities, nothing was getting done at home. We were way behind on this House With Potential and I was tired of living in a half-finished house.

I also was tired of losing touch with some of the people in my life who mean a lot to me. Just finding a day for lunch with an old friend took weeks, sometimes months. And with most of my kids living out of town now, it's a 2 hour drive to visit.

So, one at a time, I evaluated and ultimately quit all of my jobs. I evaluated my ministry and volunteer work as well, but decided most of them were worth my time.

So this year I am devoting my time to two main things: my house and my relationships. And not necessarily in that order!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vacation at the Coast

Okay, I know it has been over 2 weeks since I have posted
or even looked at this blog!
Life has been so busy, I guess it just all caught up with me,
and I stopped anything that didn't absolutely need to be done!

After about 4 months of nonstop work and activities, we took a
much-needed family vacation to the coast at Shelter Cove.

It was the perfect place: fairly isolated, 
right across the road from Seal Rock,

and very relaxing, even with 4 little ones!

We had lots of adventures, like throwing rocks into the ocean,

exploring the local lighthouse,

touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time,

watching the seals,

playing in the waves,

 and looking at the beautiful old houses.

On the last day, I took out some jars I brought and 
 the kids filled them with things they had collected,
like black sand and pretty shells.

Add a label to mark the place and date, 
and they have a nice remembrance of the trip!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VBS Week: International Spy Academy!

Vacation Bible School Week is always so much fun!
This year we have a great team and such a fun theme:
International Spy Academy!

We had some great artists working on the set this year!

The hallways were transformed into a city street!

 Spy Command Center!

 Spies are everywhere!

Deciphering Codes!

International Flags

 Music and skits are always favorites!

Missionary with Hope Alive! in Uganda telling the kids about kids in Africa.
This is our mission project this year.

Over 100 kids running through the halls, singing and learning
 more about the One True God: what a great week!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Furniture Project: Geometric Design

I thought I would share my daughter's geometric furniture project this week!

I bought it years ago, just a cheap little brown end table for a kid's room.
Caitlin claimed it when she moved into her first apartment and
painted it cream with olive green drawers.
I thought it was cute then,

but when she moved into this apartment, she wanted a black and white theme,
so, like mother, like daughter, she painted it again!

It makes a great coffee station in the kitchen and a bonus
with extra storage!

Furniture Feature Fridays

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Creating with Kids: Life Size Cutouts

I haven't shared anything in a couple of weeks because things have been so hectic! 
VBS is just around the corner and I have also been doing a lot of babysitting lately
with my most favorite little people.

This week I am in Sacramento to stay with 3 cute kids while their mom 
takes a trip to Victoria with her mom. I checked the weather and when I saw that it
would be in the 100s, I packed some craft supplies to take along.

The favorite thing we did was life size cutouts:

I had them lie down on a roll of paper and I traced around them.

Then we drew in the clothes and facial features and they painted.
(the older ones could do some of it, I drew for the 2 year old, but she did most of the painting)

 They worked so intensely on them!

Then I cut them out and we put them up in the hallway 
where they usually hang their artwork.

 It was super easy and the kids loved it!

We also got inspiration from Pinterest and did a lot of paper plate projects!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Summerizing the House"

I don't know if "summerize" is a word, but every year, when the weather takes a turn towards summer, and you know this time it's going to stick, usually sometime around Memorial Day, I get an urge to clear out all the heavy, dark accessories that are still left after the Spring purge.

Things like quilts and dark pillows and too many chotchkies.

 In the dining room, I went all white with just a little color.

 I brought in 6 white chairs and 2 turquoise chairs for the ends.

A white cloth on the table with white candles and a 
white pitcher filled with lavender keeps it simple and fresh.

In the guest room, I replaced the pink quilt with one that feels like summer:
Grandmother's Flower Garden in reds and yellows and blues.

 The mantle felt too heavy, so I lightened it up by 
removing some of the stuff.

Much more "summery"!

Pillows and quilts were removed or changed out
in the family room as well.

Maybe it only makes a little difference,

but to me it feels lighter and less cluttered and ready for summer!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Burlap and Paper Light Fixture

Things have been so busy around here lately, I haven't had time for any projects.
However, I did manage to make this new light fixture for the living room,
since I sold the orb light I had made for this spot.

I had a light kit and an old lamp shade, so I thought,
"why not try something?"

I didn't like the look of the chain and cord, so I got out some
burlap strips and sewed up a cover. The sewing was easy,
 just tedious since you need so much if you want it to
bunch up over the cord. It is kind of a hassle getting it
over the chain, however, you just need to keep at it!

 I kind of liked the bare look, but I decided to use some 
old dictionary pages to make the shade.

 I just hooked them on with some little clips.
That way, I can make changes whenever I want.

For instance, I am considering using some old family photos,
 I'm just not quite sure how I will do it.

 I added a little burlap ribbon around the top for an accent.

It's one more small step in the refreshing of the living room
that I am planning.

The next step, as soon as I get some time,
will be to cover those 2 chairs in front of the bookcases.

 I am thinking of using burlap and either linen or matalise.

Then it's on to the ceiling paint and crown molding!