Monday, January 20, 2014

Kids' Room Redo

Since we have lived in this house, almost 4 years now, this kids' room has already
 had three different looks.
Each new grandchild required some new accommodations!

 There are now 4 children, with more soon to come.
So, now we can sleep at least 4.
(More when you consider how little they are, so 2 can easily share 1 bed!)

 Top bunk.

Bottom bunk.

Temporary mattress on the floor, waiting for the new bed.
(There's also a trundle under the bunks that can be pulled out when needed.)

On the opposite wall is a large world map. I bought it from Amazon and I guess I didn't realize there wasn't much color to it, so I made a colorful banner across the top.

Under the map, I set up an art station.
 I spray-painted some tin cans to hold pencils and other items,
bringing in more color.
(Red was specifically requested!)

 In this corner, I combined a small chest and bookshelf, painted them both red.
 On top is a ship that belonged to Grandpa when he was a boy.

 It's hard to tell it isn't just one piece of furniture.

 I added some other details: Grandpa's Boy Scout lantern;

a star chart that was once in their father's room;

a globe and favorite books inside old Carnation crates;

 row boat shelf  and oar

small red chair and hand painted star pillows.

Cute corner!

Little red lantern and western vest that belonged to their great grandfather
 hanging from one of our quick little projects:

 just a piece of wood with some cute knobs screwed into it;

We put this room together in 2 days, using whatever we had,
and I can't wait for the next visit!

I think the kids are going to love it!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Mantle and Tablescape

I was in love with all the tarnished silver and Mercury glass I used for Christmas decorating this year, so I thought I would leave some out for a while, on the mantle and dining table.

I think they make a nice statement for winter.

paired with some fleur-di-lis,

an old tin piece and some books,

they look great!

On the dining table, I started with an old quilt,

added trays, teas services and  silverware,

 small silver frames and more books.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Seeing Red!

I have been in a "red" mood lately.

It all started with a little red cabinet I painted last year.

Then my grandson and I were discussing the changes I was going to make to my "Grandkids' Room", and he asked me to paint the walls red because that was now his favorite color. Well, I couldn't commit to red walls, but I did promise to put a lot of red into the room.

So I painted some furniture pieces red.

First, this little bedside table that used to be black.

Then this little bookshelf  that was a dark brown.

Then I put them together to make one piece!

Really love how it came out!

I also painted this little chair red!

Here's a peek at the room, I can't wait to get it finished!

The Shabby Nest

Furniture Feature Fridays

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 10 Posts of 2013

Drop cloths, beadboard wallpaper and painting furniture led the list this year.
 They were also some of my favorite projects!

 Looking back at this crazy year, here are my top 10 posts:

#10: Repurposed Phone Booth
This was a fun project, turning an old phone booth door into a pantry door.

#9: Red Cabinet
I loved this little cabinet from the moment I saw it; 
it was just screaming to be painted red!

#8: Slip-covered Chair
Drop cloth slipcovers were popular in my house this year!

#7: Turquoise End Tables
Turquoise was certainly the color of the year! 
Everything I painted this color just flew out of my booth!

#6: Painting a Family Antique

This project was somewhat hard to do (emotionaly),
 but I absolutely love the results!

#5: Lace-Painted Table
This was a project my daughter took on, using a piece of lace and spray paint.

Such an easy project with great results!

The first time I slip covered a wing chair, it turned out great!

This was a slightly crazy idea, but it looks pretty good!

#1: Wallpaper on the Ceiling
 This was also my favorite project of the year. I absolutely love it!
Bonus: it was easy and inexpensive!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Statement Chairs: A Love Affair!

I think my love affair with chairs began as a teenager, when I went to an exhibit of American Furniture at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. I found many of the chairs to be so beautiful, they could be considered not just functional seating, but ART!

I still feel that way, especially when you have a Statement Chair in your home.
(Or, in my case, several!)

What is a statement chair?
Just what it sounds like: a chair that makes a statement, adds an accent to a room, or maybe is even the centerpiece of a room. It is often the one piece that pulls all of the other elements together.

One of my favorite home decor sights, One King's Lane, has a new feature.
 It's called the Home Decor Resource Guide, and I have found it to be very useful and quite interesting, especially if you love furniture and home decor as I do! You can learn so much about your style, how to achieve a certain look, even the history of your particular furniture piece.

Recently, I used this Resource Guide to learn more about some chairs I have in my home.

I inherited 2 of these chairs from my dad who loved antiques.
I found out that they are from England, late 17th century.

You can tell by the Jacobean legs (spiral-turned) and carved crown on top.
(If you know your English history, you know the crown symbolized a return to the monarchy after Cromwell's Puritan reign in the 1600s.)

This little chair is early 20th century from Mexico. I love the peeling red paint. The seat cover is my own touch of "cottage chic" that makes it work with my style.

But I really love my wing chairs. I have been enamored of wing chairs since I was a child. I love the shape: the high back and "wings" that come out on each side. They are such a comfortable place to sit and read, have a chat, or just think deep thoughts!


They bring to mind a past era where people settled in for the evening with a good book by the fire or spent their leisure time in the "library".

Actually, I learned from the Resource Guide that the original purpose of the wings was to protect a person from drafts and trap the heat from the fireplace.
 They were developed in England in the 17th century, a cold and drafty place if there ever was one!

I have 2 of them, both yard sale finds, 20th century reproductions.
I made slipcovers for them from drop cloths.
Each one is a little different; one has blue piping, pleats and buttons,

while the other is a bit simpler, with a blue stripe down the middle.

Although wing chairs were originally made for castles in England over 400 years ago, they can work in my cottage-style living room when I use a fabric like a drop cloth. And that's the great thing about chairs: you can take any style and make it your own, and it will make a statement in your home!

One's King Lane's Home Decor Resource Guide
has all the information and details you need, whatever your style!