Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VBS Week: International Spy Academy!

Vacation Bible School Week is always so much fun!
This year we have a great team and such a fun theme:
International Spy Academy!

We had some great artists working on the set this year!

The hallways were transformed into a city street!

 Spy Command Center!

 Spies are everywhere!

Deciphering Codes!

International Flags

 Music and skits are always favorites!

Missionary with Hope Alive! in Uganda telling the kids about kids in Africa.
This is our mission project this year.

Over 100 kids running through the halls, singing and learning
 more about the One True God: what a great week!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Furniture Project: Geometric Design

I thought I would share my daughter's geometric furniture project this week!

I bought it years ago, just a cheap little brown end table for a kid's room.
Caitlin claimed it when she moved into her first apartment and
painted it cream with olive green drawers.
I thought it was cute then,

but when she moved into this apartment, she wanted a black and white theme,
so, like mother, like daughter, she painted it again!

It makes a great coffee station in the kitchen and a bonus
with extra storage!

Furniture Feature Fridays

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Creating with Kids: Life Size Cutouts

I haven't shared anything in a couple of weeks because things have been so hectic! 
VBS is just around the corner and I have also been doing a lot of babysitting lately
with my most favorite little people.

This week I am in Sacramento to stay with 3 cute kids while their mom 
takes a trip to Victoria with her mom. I checked the weather and when I saw that it
would be in the 100s, I packed some craft supplies to take along.

The favorite thing we did was life size cutouts:

I had them lie down on a roll of paper and I traced around them.

Then we drew in the clothes and facial features and they painted.
(the older ones could do some of it, I drew for the 2 year old, but she did most of the painting)

 They worked so intensely on them!

Then I cut them out and we put them up in the hallway 
where they usually hang their artwork.

 It was super easy and the kids loved it!

We also got inspiration from Pinterest and did a lot of paper plate projects!