Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Aprons Made From Drop Cloth and Scraps

When I was getting ready for my last market, I decided to use up
some fabric scraps and make a couple of aprons with
big pockets to hold cash, pens, etc. during those
times when it's so busy, you can hardly take a breath!

I started with some dropcloth left over from a slipcover.

Then I made straps from other leftover slipcover fabric.

I didn't bother to sew them right sides together, just folded
in the edges and topstitched.

Then I cut out details from the fabric to add to the aprons.

I used regular glue and ironed them on.
No sewing!

This is the second apron.

I used the fabric as an accent on the pocket as well as
the waistband.

They came in really handy
and I had a lot of compliments!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Recycled: Turning a Headboard Into a Bench

This was a project I have always wanted to try,
so when a friend brought over an old headboard, I thought, "now's my chance!"

Actually, I decided to use the footboard rather than headboard
because it was a little shorter and I thought the dimensions would be better.

See the pretty acorn finials and carved lines?

Can you see the bench under all the other things?

I took lots of pictures when we were building the bench
and before it left home, but apparently they are lost
somewhere in computer-land.

 There it goes, off to its new home! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting The Weathered Wood Look

This could not be easier!

I had my son make this box for me out of a new leftover fence board,
then I set about making it look old and weathered.

First I dry-brushed some grey paint on.
That just means you wipe your brush off before putting the paint on the wood
so it doesn't cover completely.

Keep a rag handy to wipe even more paint off.

Next, do the same with white paint and blend it with the grey paint.
Don't wait for the grey to dry.

You can sand it a little, but the wood is already showing, so you don't need much.

That's it!

Cute as a button!