Saturday, May 5, 2012

May: Busy Month of Gardens, Birthdays, Travel...

This is going to be a crazy busy month and it has started all ready!

First, I am behind getting the garden in. Maybe this is something I should have let go this year, but I  miss being able to just step outside for fresh vegetables and herbs; we had a lovely garden at our old house.

 I had thought we would have the garden's permanent location ready by now, but alas, that is not to be. Maybe next year...

In the meantime, the grandkids and I planted seeds a few weeks ago and they are starting to sprout. 
So Husband sorted through some old wood and put together another "temporary" raised bed.
 Last year we only did pumpkins and sunflowers since we were so busy getting the house livable,
but this year we have a much more ambitious plan: corn, tomatoes, peppers, peas, watermelons... and a few surprises for the kids...

I am also planting a separate herb garden by the back patio.
Not quite there yet!

Second, May and June are full of birthdays and other occasions, starting with my daughter's birthday, which we celebrated last night.
Emmett and I made her a banner for the mantel from old book pages.
I picked some roses from the front yard for the centerpiece; they sit in the milk bottle holder she bought me for Christmas. 
The menu consisted of stuffed mushrooms and zucchini, grilled steak marinated in a lemon-cilantro sauce, talapia with a ginger-cilantro marinade, spinach and strawberry salad, and the coolest cake ever, made by my talented daughter-in-law, Bethany.
Not only is this adorable, it was delicious! (Caitlin loves owls, by the way).

Next week is Mother's Day and, hopefully, the finishing of the patio roof--that's what I asked my kids for instead of a gift!

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