Friday, November 8, 2013

Decorating a Rental

My daughter is now living in Ashland, Oregon, pursuing her graduate degree. She has a cozy, 1 bedroom apartment which she has decorated all on her own, and done a beautiful job!

She has a real knack for putting things together and making even
very different items work well together.

Case in point: she got this couch free on Craigslist, and we all thought it was hideous. But when she put it together with the art and other items, it somehow works.

It works with the $3 yard sale rocker she had me cover
in yellow checks a couple years ago,
and the tall screen she found somewhere.

It works with the mid-century dresser we found at an estate sale,

as well as with her great-aunt's bookcase.

She also likes to surround herself with things she loves:

lots and lots of books;

 anything Shakespeare,

especially Henry V;

and reminders of her travels,

especially anything British!

One great tip: the large photo in the center was one she took on a trip to Scotland. She just had it blown up and framed for a very special piece of art.

Next time I'll show you the kitchen and bedroom!

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