Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burlap Chic Wedding

This was a really fun wedding to do, because it is exactly my style!
Burlap, old windows, white hydrangeas, more burlap...

But the timing was horrendous!
 It was on a Sunday following a big 2-day vintage market!
I was so exhausted, I think I was just running on pure adrenaline!

But it came together beautifully!

The ceremony was held outside.

It was a really beautiful day!

The railings weren't too attractive,
 so we wrapped them in burlap ribbon with big bows.

Plastic buckets wrapped in burlap and filled with baby's breath
 cover ugly outlets.

Tulle and icicle lights adorn the pergola.

Burlap and a lace curtain cover an old table for communion.

Inside for the reception, the decor was simple but adorable!

Each table held 3 gold frames, some empty, some with pretty paper inside,
 and 3 white bud vases, some were milk glass and some just painted white.
They held baby's breath and a single pink rose.

There were also 3 votives, all glittered by the bride,
who also did all the frames and vases.

And of course, the burlap table runners with a lace edge!

 Simple but elegant!

3 stations around the room announced where
 you could get something to eat or drink:




and Sweets!

Burlap banners, rag garlands, and did you notice all the old windows?
The groom's mother had all these and more in a shed!

The bride sent along lots of frames, windows, pictures
 and various odds and ends,

so we filled up empty walls,

 arranged pictures,

and added the various odds and ends,

until it was just right!

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  1. Hi Casey I'm Susie and I just found your blog. where in Northern Ca are you at? I come from Paradise and my sons are in Humboldt county.I love everything in burlap doesn't it go with everything? Susie

    1. Hi Susie! I live in Cottonwood, near Redding. I love burlap too, that's why this wedding was so fun to do! I am currently thinking of using it in some way as part of a slipcover for a chair in my living room! We'll see how it turns out! Thanks for following me!