Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's November, Happy Fall Decorating!

Fall has got to be my favorite season!
After the heat of the summer, I love the cool, crisp breezes,
the colors and the anticipation of the holiday season! 

I bought some new flowers and artichokes for the front door basket,
then added a thankful banner for November.

I know I said I love the colors of Fall,
but this year I went mostly neutral.

I think I wanted to keep things simple and relatively uncluttered
after a very busy and chaotic summer.

 The bell jars came out and were filled with dried pomegranates,
dried artichokes, and small pumpkins and gourds.

Wheat stalks and cotton stalks in white pitchers.
Neutral and simple.

I brought back my large window chalkboard,
but kept everything else simple on the mantle
with a lot of white candles and acorns.

 A grey-washed box with white pumpkins
amid a dresser filled with white dishes.

White flowers add pretty, while keeping it neutral.

Okay, I had to add some color!

I pretty much kept it confined to the family room, however,
which is already more colorful.

 The dining room stayed neutral with the white dishes
and white leaf garland.
White burlap, white and green pumpkins and flowers.
This is my favorite table décor!

 This is what that same table looked like last weekend.
It's the reason my summer was so busy and chaotic.
My daughter got married!
And because she got married out of town,
we had a reception for friends and family
who were not able to attend.

It's also one of the reasons for the neutral color scheme,
the colors of her wedding.

But I love the neutrals and I am so thankful
for everything God has done this year!

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