Monday, September 3, 2012

Life is All About Plan B

Today I turned the page on my calendar and this is what it said:
"Life is All About Plan B"

I thought about how appropriate that was for this day. You see, today I am having to come to terms with Plan B.
Two years ago, when my son and his family bought a little house just about a mile from my own, I thought, "This works really well with my plan to be Super-Grammy!"

And that is how it has been for the last 2 years. Thursdays were "Grammy Day". The kids would come for the entire day and we would play, bake cookies, watch movies, plant gardens, paint birdhouses... all part of my Plan A.

 And any other time they needed a babysitter, I was there. I would never say no, no matter how tired or busy I was, because I knew there would come a time when they would begin to outgrow Grammy and want to spend more time with their friends.

Little did I know how soon it would all change!

Today, I helped them pack up their little house so they could move to Sacramento, about 2 hours away. My son has been commuting to grad school and the school has offered him a full time job with tuition credits, so it was really a no-brainer. 

So, now I have to switch to Plan B. I'm not yet sure what that will look like; this whole thing happened so fast that I haven't had much time to work it out.


But it will probably involve staying busy with my new business and getting back to some old favorite activities. I have promised some new quilts, one, pink with lots of flowers and birds, one, blue with big stars and maybe planets. Not to mention the many unfinished projects around the house.

And, of course, I plan to make lots trips to Sacramento!

To be honest, this isn't the first time I have had to go to Plan B and it probably won't be the last. That's life; you never know what's going to happen, you just have to trust the Author of Life that His Plan A is the right one, and keep adjusting your plans until you get there!

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