Thursday, April 4, 2013

Furniture Project: Little Orphaned Chair

When people find out that I paint furniture, they often want to give me some piece that's been sitting in their garage for months, maybe years.

That was the case with this little chair that had lost its seat somewhere along the line.

Husband cut a new seat for it and I covered it with foam. I also gave it a thorough cleaning.

Then I painted it a French Blue.

Gave it a little soft gray wash.

Some pretty fabric on the new seat.

Not an "orphan" any more, it turned into an adorable little chair!


  1. What an amazing difference for what started as a poor lonely chair!

  2. Hy Casey!I like your blog and I would follow you, but don't you have any GFC option or else? Suscribing by email is not my type. Hugs, Cristina

  3. Cristina, I will work on that. It's something I was thinking about but I need my daughter's help (she's the techi, not me!)