Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Summerizing the House"

I don't know if "summerize" is a word, but every year, when the weather takes a turn towards summer, and you know this time it's going to stick, usually sometime around Memorial Day, I get an urge to clear out all the heavy, dark accessories that are still left after the Spring purge.

Things like quilts and dark pillows and too many chotchkies.

 In the dining room, I went all white with just a little color.

 I brought in 6 white chairs and 2 turquoise chairs for the ends.

A white cloth on the table with white candles and a 
white pitcher filled with lavender keeps it simple and fresh.

In the guest room, I replaced the pink quilt with one that feels like summer:
Grandmother's Flower Garden in reds and yellows and blues.

 The mantle felt too heavy, so I lightened it up by 
removing some of the stuff.

Much more "summery"!

Pillows and quilts were removed or changed out
in the family room as well.

Maybe it only makes a little difference,

but to me it feels lighter and less cluttered and ready for summer!

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