Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wedding Quilt

My last child got married a few months ago.
My daughter, my middle child, my independent, strong-willed child.


And just like her, the wedding was
elegant, fun, beautiful and intimate.

When my boys got married, I made a quilt for each bride,
featuring their wedding colors and incorporating blocks
that are personal or representative in some way.

 For instance, the wreath surrounding the house
is not only traditional for wedding quilts,
it is also reminiscent of the olive branches that covered the tables
at their reception.

 The blocks that surround the house and wreath represent
the building blocks for their life together,
such as love and faith and joy...

They chose to have all the children in their life,
the groom's son as well as their nieces and nephews,
participate in the ceremony, and pinwheel blocks always
make me think of children.

I also like to add a note on the back that explains
the symbolic nature of the quilt and gives the dates,
so the quilt will become a keepsake for generations.

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