Saturday, October 22, 2016

Triple Bunk Bed

With the number of grands growing (8 at the moment)
and all of them getting bigger, the kids' room needed a bit more space.

We had a bunk bed with a trundle, but it just wasn't cutting it any more!
So I showed Husband some pictures of triple bunks and we settled on a style.

 By putting the beds at perpendicular angles,
the space in between could be cut down to 12 inches.
so the top bunk wouldn't be too high for the little ones.

 We added safety rails and ladders on the ends.

 There's even a little nook to play in.

 The bedding stayed pretty much the same,
red, white and blue quilts and pillows.
I didn't want to redo everything, besides,
these were all quilts used by my boys.

I kept what we needed in there, bookshelves,
desks and small chairs, plus the little extras that make it so cute!
(Pretty much everything in this room I have had since my kids were little)

I took pics of the process and I'll try to get a post up
next week to show you how we built it.