Monday, September 30, 2013

Roses and Rust: More Furniture Projects

My garage is so full of furniture, it's getting harder and harder to even get it it!
Less than 2 weeks 'till I can empty it for Roses and Rust!

Love clawfoot tables, especially painted white!

Pretty grey chairs.

They look great with the table!

These 2 chairs are really cute. They started out dark, but now are bright and cheerful!

Drop cloth seats with painted blue stripes!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Wing Chair Slipcover

I had another wing back chair to slipcover, so, after referring to my tutorial on the first one I did,
  I took out another drop cloth and got to work.
I did a couple of things differently, but the basics were the same.
It started out a lovely blue corduroy in great shape.

I had some pretty blue seam binding and I thought it would be nice for the piping, but I couldn't find it (the piping) anywhere. So, I decided to make my own. It's very simple. 

Just put some string between the binding, or strips of whatever fabric you want to use, and sew it just like the pre-made stuff.

I also decided to put ruffles on the bottom. It's a very easy process, pretty much the same as with an ottoman I made earlier: just pinch, press and sew!

The other difference is where I put the buttons on this chair. I love them on the side of the back piece instead of down the middle, and it's a little less cutting and sewing, too!

This chair is bound for Roses and Rust,

but it's so cute, I am having second thoughts!

Furniture Feature Fridays

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early Fall Mantel

I usually look forward to doing a fall mantel, but this year I just wasn't ready to take down my summer one.

I really love it!

But we are having a "gathering" here this weekend, so I thought I would go ahead and put up at least some fall decorations. I think I need to move that turquoise frame!

I kept the old window but changed the blue tin piece for a green one.

Kept the old fleur-de-lis finials but added a little church and acorn garlands.

Love this old tattered suitcase!

Instead of flowers, I added wheat to my white pitcher.

Little details.

The whole enchilada (minus the giant frame!).

The other side of the room, which is the entrance.

Just some tarnished silver and sprig of fall berries added to the pear candlesticks.

In the dining room, I just added a burlap runner and white cyclamen

plus a "thankful" banner.

 I thought it looked a little bare,

so I added some paper leaves.
Now it will do until Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Room Reveal

It's finally finished! (if you want to see the before, click here)
Well, except for the crown molding, new closet doors and trim. But that's Husband's part.

I love the extra bookcase under the window that Husband built for me. It is a great place to store all those decorating and craft/quilt books.

It's great storage for a small room.

This little cabinet holds towels and guest supplies,

like little shampoos and lotions and even note cards.

I really love the white furniture against the grey walls.

All the color comes from quilts and accessories.

 I used a Battenburg lace shower curtain for the window, just hemmed it from the top.

Finished just in time for a visit from some of my favorite aunts!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Roses and Rust: My 1st Big Show!

I am getting ready to do my first big show in just over a month, so as I finish some pieces of furniture, I will show you all the wonderful  things I am working on.

A pretty little turquoise table

Delicate turned legs

A really beautiful color!

A soft yellow table with very nice lines

Love the second shelf, too!

I have a garage full of furniture!
So much to do!