Monday, March 30, 2015

Adding Easter to Spring Decor

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I would add
a few items to my Spring decor.

The mantle got a Rejoice banner and pretty blue egg.

I rearranged the entry table and dining table,
bringing the love birds and eggs under the cloche to the entry.

 A pot of lavender and another egg was added to the coffee table.

 The hydrangeas moved from the entry to the dining room.

 And a bowl of pretty colored eggs joined the flowers 
"under glass" on the Welsh dresser.

 Outside, I added a little banner to the basket of flowers.


Happy Easter!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Decorating

I seem to be in a whimsical mood this Spring
and the decor reflects this mood!

Grandma's antique cake plate holds a bird's nest basket
filled with pretty eggs,
while a pair of love birds sit below.

I added the little wooden church birdhouses to break up all the glass.

English Daisies are one of my favorite Spring flowers.
They look so special "under glass", but you have to water them every day
due to the tiny flower pots!

In the entry, I went with hydrangeas in a beautiful blue pot.

The White Rabbit makes an appearance this year,

along with a very colorful little cuckoo clock and
little English pots.

 A white birdcage sits on the shelf beside the door,

filled with colorful johnny jump-ups!

Another birdhouse sits on the tea cart
beside a pot of lavender,

 while a pair of bunnies hide underneath!

 More English Daisies and a porcelain bunny

find a home with the Amish goose!

Spring is such a magical, whimsical time of year,
with beautiful flowers and the promise of renewal and hope!

Have fun with your Spring decorating!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Contemplating Changes to the Family Room

Usually, I don't post a room until it's finished,
but I have a feeling this room is going to take a while.

So, I thought I would share a little of my thought process
as I go through this change.

First, this was the room for the previous few years.
It was okay, but I so hated that couch!

So, finally, I found a new couch which I slipcovered
in a beautiful grey herringbone.
It went very well with everything else in the room,
so I thought I was done.

 But the other day I came across some fabric
I bought last fall, for no other reason than it was beautiful!

So, I got to thinking, "I wonder what this would look like in the family room?"

 And then, as so often happens, I looked around and thought,
"Those slipcovers really need to be replaced."

So I checked my fabric stash and came up with this
navy ticking.

 And this chair is getting a makeover as well,
only with paint!

So stay tuned, there may be other changes in the works as well!
Paint, rugs, accessories...who knows!
One thing always leads to something else!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Map Table

I had this little end table that I painted turquoise and then forgot about.
(actually, I think it got lost in the garage!)

I had added a map at some point, trying to add some pizazz.

I then promptly forgot about it again because it just wasn't very exciting.

Fortunately, I remembered it when I was redoing
 my grandkids' room.

 Painted red, it would be perfect!

 The room is all about adventure,

filled with maps and globes, ships and planes...
well, you can see it here.

 I left some of the turquoise because I love red and turquoise together!

Happy Day!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Early Spring Mantel

It all started when my daughter gave me these sweet pink carnations 
she brought home from a friend's house.

 It was the first of March and I thought it was time
 to do an early Spring mantel.

White pitchers are one of my favorite things!

My mom recently gave me this roll of old hymns she found
at an antique store.

 Got to have birds in Spring decorating!

Are you wondering where those pink flowers are?

 They ended up on the desk beside the fireplace!

Happy Spring Decorating!

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