Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turning a Recessed Light into a Pendant Light

There were some ugly light fixtures in this house when we bought it, including this '70-something recessed light over the sink in the kitchen.

It burned out a while ago and instead of replacing it, I began looking around to see if I could easily replace it with something more to my liking.

I found that there are some products out there to turn a recessed light into a pendant light as easily as changing a light bulb. Literally!

Just like everything, there are lots of price points and styles. I chose one from 
Lowes on line for $13.99.

It came all put together and the steps were simple.

First, I unscrewed the recessed light bulb and took off the ugly gold cap.

Second, I held the new one up to determine how long the cord should be, then wrapped the excess around the spindle bracket.

This is probably the trickiest part because you want to get the last wrap centered 
so the cord will hang straight.

Third, screw the adapter into the socket. 
As you can see, it looks just like the part of a light bulb that screws into the socket.

There is a little knob-thing at the top of the cord, just below the canopy that hides the hole in the ceiling; this is called a compression nut.
The fourth step is to loosen this so you can slide the canopy up against the ceiling.
No tools required, just turn it with your fingers.

Once that's done, tighten the nut to hold it in place.

The final step is to add the glass shade and light bulb.
Because the shade is heavy, I found it easier to hold the socket sideways.

Voila! As easy as changing a light bulb!


  1. I have wondered if there was a way to change out recessed cans. So happy I saw your post at Imparting Grace.

    Kelly from

  2. It was so easy, you will have no trouble!