Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slipcover a Dining Table??

There is a joke in my family that if it isn't moving, I might just slipcover it! And last fall, I proved them right when I slipcovered my dining table.

I was never really in love with this table, but the price and size were right (isn't that usually the way it goes?). Well, last fall I was seriously considering selling it or painting it when I had a brainstorm. I had just bought some burlap and it was sitting on the table, waiting to be cut for a project.

I quickly cleared off the table and spread out the burlap. The width was perfect. I cut the length to be the same drop as the width. Then I pinned the corners and sewed them up. Couldn't be easier!

I finished it off by adding white seam binding to the edges.

So far, the burlap "slipcover" has been decorated for Thanksgiving





Summer is just around the corner!

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