Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More of That Old House

More walking down memory lane with pictures of the old house and reminding myself that it didn't  look this good when we moved in, so I need to hang in there with this house!

This is the only picture I can find of the living room. It was a really big space, open to the dining room and kitchen. You can't see the alcove with the piano from this angle, it's just around the corner behind the couch.

When my daughter moved out, her room became a guest room. At first all I had was this log bed, the top of a bunkbed, (my kids all take their nice beds with them, leaving me with whatever I can find).  I made new black and white bedding and curtains to freshen it up.

But it wasn't  long before I needed a double bed to accommodate guests. It's hard to see, but all I did was hang two different fabrics for a headboard and hang a wreath over that.

I had a plethora of dressers for some reason, so 2 of them made it in here. I tried to keep the clutter/decor to a minimum.

This must have been a bigger room than I remember, with a double bed, 2 dressers, this table and chairs, and a wing chair! You can see the curtains I made to match the "headboard" on the left.


Last of all, I had a really big laundry room that was also my craft room. It was filled with quilts and many of my old favorites that didn't fit anywhere else, but made me happy when I was here either doing laundry or sewing!


 It's good to be reminded about this last house that started out a lot like this new one, but ended up so cute!

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