Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Canvas Bags Personalized

Along with the usual books and toys I buy my grandkids for Christmas, 
I also like to give them something personal every year.
Something handmade just for them from their Grammy.

A few years ago, when there were only 2 of them, I made
these cute canvas bags with their names on them.
Inside were small pillows (also handmade) and other small items.
Perfect for sleepovers at Gammy's!

But this year, grand child #3 noticed that she didn't have a bag with her name.

 So I quickly got busy.

 Pretty buttons make cute flowers.

 These were very easy to make, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the process.

However, I have a feeling I will be making some more soon, 
as grandchild #4 turns 2 this year 
and #6 is due this summer, so stay tuned for instructions!

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