Saturday, August 29, 2015

Backyard Storage Shed

Last year, we built this little shed in the backyard
and I finally got around to painting it!

Even though we are just storing odds and ends in it,
I can see the shed from the kitchen window and
the rest of the yard, so I wanted it to be cute.

I wanted to use up old paint I already had,
so I mixed some outdoor green and blue and 
came up with this.

We used a door we already had 
and cut it in two to make a Dutch door.
(I have always wanted one of these!)

The window we also had on hand,
it just needed a coat of paint to match everything.

Since it's at the end of our half acre yard,
and near the "orchard" (okay, a few fruit trees),
I added a couple of chairs for a spot to rest!

This was only 1 of many outdoor projects I have
been tackling this summer, and I'm
so happy with the results!

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