Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Aprons Made From Drop Cloth and Scraps

When I was getting ready for my last market, I decided to use up
some fabric scraps and make a couple of aprons with
big pockets to hold cash, pens, etc. during those
times when it's so busy, you can hardly take a breath!

I started with some dropcloth left over from a slipcover.

Then I made straps from other leftover slipcover fabric.

I didn't bother to sew them right sides together, just folded
in the edges and topstitched.

Then I cut out details from the fabric to add to the aprons.

I used regular glue and ironed them on.
No sewing!

This is the second apron.

I used the fabric as an accent on the pocket as well as
the waistband.

They came in really handy
and I had a lot of compliments!

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