Wednesday, February 8, 2017

From Log Bunk Bed to Rustic Garden Benches

This rustic garden bench began life as a bunkbed for my boys,
way back in the 1990s.

Most recently, it lived in my grandkids' room.
Until last summer when we built a Triple Bunk Bed
to accommodate the seven (and counting) grands.

I tried to sell it, even give it away, but it was pretty big
and heavy, so no takers.
So, I did what I usually do with headboards that I
don't want any more, I made a bench.
Two benches, in fact.

There were 2 taller headboards and 2 smaller ones,
perfect for 2 benches.

First thing we did was cut the smaller ones in half.

They would be just right for the sides of the benches.

Which was the next step, attaching them to the back.

To do this, we routed a hole to fit in a long carriage bolt.

Next, we needed a seat.
We wanted to use some pine 1x1s that we already had,
but this proved to be a little tricky, because they had to stay
in exactly the position we laid them out, resting on the sides
in between the logs.

So once we had them in position, we screwed on some
1x3s while someone held them in place.
Then we flipped it over and screwed it in place.

It worked perfectly!

Side view: you can see the edges of the seat
sitting on the edge of the side log.

They aren't staying in my garden, however.
I thought it only fair to offer them to my boys,
since it was their bed after all.

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