Monday, April 23, 2012

Guest Post...Almost

Today I am going to showcase my daughter's apartment. Caitlin shares a cute townhouse with her friend, Alyssa, and the two of them have decorated it with a lot of diy.

Here are just a few things they have done.

They both love Shakespeare, so they made art for their dining room wall using pages from an old book and a favorite quote from "As You Like It"

 Caitlin wrote out a favorite poem on this lampshade.

 Clever towel holder--it's intended use was as a desktop paperweight/holder.

 A basket full of pillows.

We found this chaise at a yardsale last summer, it did not look like this!

 I inherited this cupboard from my great aunt and now Caitlin owns it. It has been many colors over the years. It looks good in white.

Inside, she painted it blue to show off some of her owl collection and dishes.

There's Will Shakespeare again!

Another yardsale bargain: $3! I already had the paint and fabric, so that was the final cost.

This table is one of my favorites.
They took a $2 yardsale coffee table, painted it a pale blue, then put lace over the top and spray painted it white.

I think the girls have done a great job with this apartment!

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