Saturday, August 25, 2012

Furniture Project: Blue and White Chairs

Thrifting with my daughter-in-law one day, we ran across these cute chairs:

 Granted, they need some work, but they have good lines and were in good condition, just a bit dated.

 I ripped off the fabric and painted them a soft white. I had a fabric in mind, but when I went to the fabric store, they didn't have it. So I found a couple others I thought would work.

The chairs sat in my living room for a couple of days like this while I decided which fabric to use. I would walk by on my way outside and think, "Definitely the blue one"; then I would walk back inside and pass the chairs again a few minutes later and think, "No, I think the yellow is better".

Finally I chose the blue, partly because I realized I wanted to use the other on a black chair.

I think I made the right choice!

And the yellow and black looks great on this little black chair!


  1. Looks great. I love the chairs. Have been considering getting one myself!! Did you re-do the fabric yourself or have it custom reupholstered? If the latter, would you mind giving a ballpark of the price?? Sorry, don't need to be nosy, but just wondering if it's worth the cost. Thanks so much!!

  2. i reupholstered them myself, so the cost was just the fabric. it wasn't difficult. i have another chair to do soon, so this time i will do a tutorial.