Monday, August 20, 2012

Furniture Projects: Numbered Coffee Table

 Husband brought home this sad little coffee table one day

 and I thought, "maybe I can use it for parts".

 It sat in the garage for a year, then one day I literally woke up with the picture in my mind of a table I had seen on Pinterest quite a while ago.
I tried to find that picture but couldn't, so I just went with the picture in my head.

First, I put a couple coats of country white paint on the sad little table.
White paint helps everything look clean and fresh.

Then I got out some numbers I had just bought at a yard sale and randomly traced
 them on the top of the table.
I painted the numbers black and let it all dry over night. The next day I brushed a mix of stains over the top. One was a medium oak and the other was natural, I just sort of dipped and mixed on the table as I went.
The finished product:
It was so cute, I almost kept it!
But, alas, it is destined for the Oregon Street Antique Mall!

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