Monday, May 27, 2013

Before and After: Living/Family Room Swap

A few weeks ago I shared my idea to swap the furniture and everything else in my family and living rooms. Last week I showed you the newly painted family room. This week, I have before and after pictures of the family room to share. A lot of pictures!

So here we go:

Before: long wall of bookcases and armoir. It always bothered me somewhat because it seemed so cluttered, even though the shelves were neatly organized. I liked the contrast of the white and blue, but it added to the cluttered feel, along with too many small items.

After: still bookcases and armoir (in need of paint!), but a new color scheme and smaller set of shelves from the living room. These shelves seem less cluttered to me, maybe because the contrast is less, and the items are larger and fewer.

Before: left side bookcase, featuring quilts and fleur-de-lis.

After: acorn finials and some British artifacts moved in from the living room.

Before: right side, birdhouses and more fleur-de-lis. Individually, these shelves don't seem too bad, but seen as a whole, they just didn't work.

After: more folk art objects from the living room.

Before: across the room, this corner featured a Shakespeare poster and birdcage on a small blue dresser.

After: my new red cabinet and antique samplers. I think this is my favorite corner of the room because I love this new cabinet.

Here's another picture just because I love it!




After  (another furniture piece to be painted)

Before: I love this slipcovered wing chair and chippy old milking stool,
but I think they look even better in the living room.

 After: replaced with a club chair and quilt ladder.


After: the grandfather clock is still there.

Before: I had slipcovered the leather couch to fit in with the white and blue color scheme.

After: the couch is back to its original leather and it functions much better.

I am pretty happy with the results. Still have a few things to do, a couple pieces of furniture to paint, thinking of putting curtains on the French doors...

 The beadboord ceiling still looks great with the new look!

Next up will be a Before/After of the living room!

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