Saturday, March 10, 2012

Decorating Snippets: Beloved Objects and Memories

I love creating little vignettes around the house. They are made up of things that make me happy, things that bring back wonderful memories, and things I find beautiful and love to look at.  Here are a few of them.

Brown-eyed Susan dishes that originally belonged to my great grandmother. When I was growing up, they were our Sunday brunch dishes. They sit in an open cupboard in my kitchen, so every day I am reminded of my family and a cherished tradition.

This is a corner of my grandson's room in my house. The boat shelf was in his father's room when he was small, as was the train and Paddington Bear that sit on it. The bear on the ottoman reminds him of Winnie the Pooh with his honey pot. (This one holds chalk instead of honey)

This is a spot in my family room, just random things I like. The horse was an anniversary gift one year, and the blue pot was given to me by my daughter last year. I love the color!

This table and painting belonged to my father who has Alzheimer's. I think of him every day when I look at them. I found the birdcage on vacation in Oregon and the blue boxes under the table came from Michael's (they store old notes and studies I want to remember).

I love white dishes and pick them up everywhere. A few pieces were my grandmother's, some were gifts, and some came from discount stores and thrift shops. They sit in an oak Welsh dresser made by my uncle in the '70's. Memories everywhere here.

I love this little mirror, but couldn't find a place for it for many years. It seems to fit nicely here in my bedroom. The sign underneath it says "hope" and I made it during a difficult time to remind myself that nothing is hopeless with God. I see it first thing every morning and last thing at night. The black and white toile boxes came from a grocery store several years ago and have served, not only as storage, but also as inspiration for a few different rooms.

This was my living room mantle last Fall. The picture is of Plymouth, MA, I got it on a trip I took with my daughter her junior year of high school when we studied American History. I bought the pear candlesticks in Gettysburg on that same trip. A very fun memory.

Do you have objects that you have collected over the years or were part of your growing up years? Get them out of boxes and closets and use them in your decorating. They will bring you pleasure every time you look at them, as well as add beauty to your home.

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