Monday, March 26, 2012

Craft Room Part 3...The Finale

When my youngest son got married and my daughter moved into an apartment, I finally got a craft room again (see earlier posts, My New Craft Room: An Empty Nest Has its Upside and My New Craft Room...Continued). 

Once I had the living space of the room done, I was ready to tackle the work spaces.  I decided to set up my sewing machine and fabric in the closet, so, after Husband took off the doors, I took out the pole and dragged in an old computer desk that my son left behind. This desk was totally falling apart and had been sitting outside, waiting for a trip to the dump for months. My daughter and I had dragged it outside when Luke moved. It was  a cheap, rickety old thing, but I started wondering if I could salvage anything from it; maybe I could reuse the shelves, and the desktop was a good size for my sewing machine... then I wondered why I had to take it apart. So I dragged it inside by myself (I managed to get a large towel underneath it and dragged the towel, worked like a charm),  put a coat of white paint on it and wedged it into the closet.

 It was perfect for my sewing machine and boxes of thread, ribbons, and other items. No one even recognized it, including Luke, who had spent many hours sitting at it (supposedly doing homework, but in reality, listening to music).

Can you see the old desk on the left?
These are the shelves that held all of Luke's CDs and now hold thread, piping and ribbon.

Husband added more shelves on the other side of the desk and that gave it more stability.

Plus, they hold my fabric, at least some of it.

Across the room, I installed my daughter's table that she left behind. It has become my workspace.

 I needed more storage here, so I found an old board in the shed and cut it in half (it was already white, so I didn't even need to paint it). I went on a search for something I might already have to become the shelf supports. I found some coffee cans Husband was using/saving for screws and such. I found six in the garage and two more in the pantry (I couldn't wait for him to finish the coffee in these cans, so I emptied them into plastic containers).

I covered the cans with leftover pieces of burlap.
These shelves hold papers, tags, glue and other small items that I use a lot.

Paper storage from office supplies

A beautiful painted iron fence piece is a good spot to place inspiration pictures.

 This old cupboard once held towels in the bathroom, now it holds craft supplies.

So I managed to complete another room using my criteria of not buying anything except paint and, in this case, I didn't even have to do that! 

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