Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beautiful Easter/Spring Tablescape

This is my Easter table decor for this year.

I started with this big, flat, old basket that I just love and cut some cardboard to cover the bottom.

I covered the cardboard with plastic bags.

Then I covered that with lots of moss, saving some for the end.

I use little six-pack flowers like these English daisies, my favorites. I usually cut the six-pack up,

but this year, WalMart had some daffodils and tulips in these little pots and after I planted them, I saved the pots and reused them here. They are just enough larger to still fit in the basket and not need quite as much watering.

I spread them around the basket, digging into the moss.

Then I used the saved moss to cover any pots that were sticking up.

Last, I added some blown-out eggs from years past.

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