Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Furniture Project: Pleated Ottoman

I decided I needed an ottoman to match my new dropcloth-covered wing chair.

I had this one sitting around in the garage; it would work just fine.

This is a no-sew project, really easy!

 First, I measured the ottoman, height and circumference, adding a little extra for  hems and overlap.
I wanted to make pleats, so I just about doubled the circumference. It was 58" around, I cut it 100" then cut off about 7" when it was done, so you can do the math.

Hem one long side. (You can glue it instead of sewing if you prefer)
 I cut along a side that was already hemmed on the dropcloth, so I could skip this part.

To make the pleats, I measured in about 7 inches (this was random, it just looked right) and pinched up about 1 1/2-2 inches,

fold it down, press and pin.

Pinch another 1 1/2-2 inches right next to it,

fold it down to meet the first fold, press and pin.

Repeat to the end, 

keeping the preceding pleats straight as you go along

Lining the bottom hem up with the bottom of the ottoman, pin the top of the slipcover to the top of the ottoman.

 When you get to the end, you might get lucky and it ends perfectly, or you have to decide how and where to cut it off. Just try to make it look natural. I cut this last section about in half.  You can glue or slipstitch this part together.

Using a staple gun, staple to the inside top of the ottoman.

For the top, lay the top of the ottoman on the fabric, cut around leaving enough fabric to pull tight and staple.

Here's the finished ottoman before adding the painted stripe to match the chair. I didn't do it first because I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted the stripe. I thought I would figure that out once it was done. It took me a week to make that decision.

 I decided to just match the stripe on the chair, painting freehand and keeping it imperfect

 and a stripe along the bottom edge.

Looks great with the chair!


  1. That looks fabulous, love the chair too.

  2. Well, you keep telling me to pleat and pin so I have decided to pin this and pleat later! This is a great tutorial!

    1. ha ha! keep pinning and pleating!

  3. Very nice!

    Have a great week!

  4. Love your "upholstery". I have been debating recovering my square ottoman with dropcloth and you have helped decide to do it. What a great tutorial and look.

  5. Wow that's an awesome makeover! It looks so good! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this post.

    1. thank you, karin, i did just that!

  6. Both look great. I just made a cool slip for a chair that you should check's not to far down my blog, but I love your idea of the stripe. I should consider doing that.

    1. terry, i would love to check out your slipcover, where can i find it?

  7. This looks awesome! What an easy way to create a beautiful pleated skirt!

  8. What a great job you did--you make it looks so easy! It looks wonderful!

  9. So cute~ love how it turned out! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!