Monday, April 29, 2013

Swapping Rooms

Well, I moved furniture today, just like I said I would, and here are the results so far.

The white slipcovered chairs and coffee table are now in the living room.

The red curtains are still up in this pic, but I did move the rugs as well as the furniture.
 (That was a big job!)

Here the red curtains are gone and I put up the white ones temporarily, but I am going to the fabric store soon and look for something that will bring in a little more blue.

Here's the angle from the other side. It's time for a new mantle, too!

And this is the family room. I took the white slipcover off the couch so the leather works better with the furniture.

I need to get onto the painting now. I didn't want to hang the curtains until that's done.

I am going to try to get the bookcases moved this weekend and at least paint the wall behind them.
(Another HUGE job!)
These two furniture pieces are still hanging out in the living room, but they don't really belong.
The green chaise is Daughter's and the chair is my next upholstery project. I'm hoping both will be gone soon!

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