Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swapping Rooms...Continued

You know, you have an idea and it seems simple enough.

Just change out the furniture in two rooms. Not that big a deal, right?
 Hah! There are sooo many things I did not think about when I began this. 

It's not just a matter of a few chairs, a few tables... there are rugs to move, very large bookcases, lots of chotchkies, and even the art on the walls!

At one point, Husband asked me to explain what my thought process had been and I had to admit that I had not thought it all the way through!

I did think about the bookcases. I knew moving them would be an ordeal (that's why I waited for Husband to help!) I even measured them to make sure they would fit. But I forgot to measure the height. 

You see, we had cut down the white bookcases to fit with the armoire in the family room, so the dark ones we moved in there are way too tall. I considered some options, but in the end I decided that the television in there is bound to die soon and then the armoire is history, so I just won't worry about it right now. (of course, I will paint the armoire, though because I can't live with it white!)

But, back to the living room. I really love how it turned out!

Of course, I am still tweaking, and there are some unfinished projects still, but I think I finally got the color schemes and furniture placement right in this house!

At least for now!

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