Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Never Simple!

This corner of my family room was looking a little dark to me, so I thought I would just move some little tables around and fix the problem. Simple enough, right?

I should know better! Nothing is ever as simple as that. One thing always leads to another...

I have 3 end tables in that room and I just wanted to use them, not steal from other rooms.
So I moved them all around, seeing if they would look better in different spaces, and I finally settled on a good arrangement.

But I then realized I needed to paint this little dresser because the color was all wrong for the room.

My first inclination was to match the red cabinet I had in the corner. It wasn't really what I wanted, but I just couldn't come up with a different color.

So I painted it red and hated it! It just did not work on this cabinet.

So I painted over the red with with a green color, but I barely got that on before I knew it was wrong and painted it white.

It was better than anything else I had tried, but it was kind of blah.

The walls in the room are yellow, and I thought the cabinet would look cute yellow, but I didn't want it to blend into the walls. But maybe a yellow-white combination was the answer.

So I left the drawers white and painted the rest of it a darker yellow than the walls.

Finally, something I could live with!

And it solved my original problem of a dark corner, too!

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