Friday, May 23, 2014

Burlap and Paper Light Fixture

Things have been so busy around here lately, I haven't had time for any projects.
However, I did manage to make this new light fixture for the living room,
since I sold the orb light I had made for this spot.

I had a light kit and an old lamp shade, so I thought,
"why not try something?"

I didn't like the look of the chain and cord, so I got out some
burlap strips and sewed up a cover. The sewing was easy,
 just tedious since you need so much if you want it to
bunch up over the cord. It is kind of a hassle getting it
over the chain, however, you just need to keep at it!

 I kind of liked the bare look, but I decided to use some 
old dictionary pages to make the shade.

 I just hooked them on with some little clips.
That way, I can make changes whenever I want.

For instance, I am considering using some old family photos,
 I'm just not quite sure how I will do it.

 I added a little burlap ribbon around the top for an accent.

It's one more small step in the refreshing of the living room
that I am planning.

The next step, as soon as I get some time,
will be to cover those 2 chairs in front of the bookcases.

 I am thinking of using burlap and either linen or matalise.

Then it's on to the ceiling paint and crown molding!

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