Monday, May 12, 2014

Ugly Duckling Chair Turns Into A Swan

I picked up this little chair at a yard sale a while ago.

Cute little thing, but, oh so dated fabric!

Not to mention ugly!
But my daughter wanted it and picked out
 some cute new fabric for it, so I went to work.

A little inspection showed up some screws that held the top pieces together,

and a few quick staples took care of piece # 1.

The finished back.

I had to poke through the fabric in order to screw on piece # 2 ;
a skewer worked well for the job!

I added a piece of foam to the seat to give it a lift
 and stapled the new fabric into place.

 Then I drove the new little chair up to Oregon to its new home!

Just goes to show, almost any chair is worth saving!

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