Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY Orb Light for the Dining Room

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the family!

And as a bonus, Husband and I finished up the new light for the dining room!

We started with this small chandelier I found at Lowe's for $6.00.
That's right, I said $6.00!
It was the display model and it was marked $12, 
but since it was the last one, they gave it to me for $6!

 I knew it would be too small for the dining room, 
but I wasn't about to pass it up!

So I got out some large embroidery hoops and spray painted them black.

I used the ones that have the opening so I could work around 
the light fixture that was already hanging up.

We figured out where to place the 3 hoops and used 
Liquid Nails at the top and bottom where they intersected.

I'm so happy with the result!

 And it was a great addition to the holiday table!

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