Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Contemplating Changes to the Family Room

Usually, I don't post a room until it's finished,
but I have a feeling this room is going to take a while.

So, I thought I would share a little of my thought process
as I go through this change.

First, this was the room for the previous few years.
It was okay, but I so hated that couch!

So, finally, I found a new couch which I slipcovered
in a beautiful grey herringbone.
It went very well with everything else in the room,
so I thought I was done.

 But the other day I came across some fabric
I bought last fall, for no other reason than it was beautiful!

So, I got to thinking, "I wonder what this would look like in the family room?"

 And then, as so often happens, I looked around and thought,
"Those slipcovers really need to be replaced."

So I checked my fabric stash and came up with this
navy ticking.

 And this chair is getting a makeover as well,
only with paint!

So stay tuned, there may be other changes in the works as well!
Paint, rugs, accessories...who knows!
One thing always leads to something else!

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