Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Large Crates Upcycling

We recently finished up our local vintage market, Roses and Rust.

 I asked Husband to take a look around the shed and yard
and see what he could come up with, using only what we had,
and this is his masterpiece!

 It's technically a potting bench, but nice enough
to be dressed up, either inside or out.

This is what he started with, a large tile crate.

He turned it on its side and framed out the front.

Then he added some strips of wood to the shelves
and I stained them and washed grey and blue paint on some.

Looking for a top, we found this old twin headboard in the pile,
took out the center, painted it white and added chicken wire.

The front frame I painted white also,
but I decided to dry brush the sides.

It made a great centerpiece to the market booth
and was gone before I knew it!

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