Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Mantel and Filling an Empty Space!

Just finished up another fun market, Roses and Rust!

 I decided to bring my antique camel-back sofa
and see what happened.

 Well, it sold!
Which is a good thing (though I will miss it!),
but it left a big hole in my living room.
I am now on the lookout for a new sofa, but in
the meantime, I had to fill that space!

  So I reshuffled the chairs and tables.
It feels much less cramped and also shows off that
cute little table between the chairs!

While I was doing this, I noticed my cow mantel was still there!
A little past time for a Spring mantel, I would say!

 A quick look around for some springy items,

 and this is what I came up with!
Pickets, garden sign and flowers, all say Spring!

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