Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art Project: Luggage Tags

A few years ago, I bought a giant box of luggage tags. 
They work great for gift tags, sales tags, and even art!

The first things I made with the tags were some wedding and baby gifts, 
some of which I showed you here.

Then I made some more personal art pieces for my daughters and friends.

In each one, I chose scrapbook paper in a color that I knew they loved, along with pictures and quotes or verses that would have special meaning to them.

This is the one I made for myself
Then I started to make some that were more generic for sale.

Here's some closeups so you can see more clearly what I use to decorate the tags

Stickers, pictures cut from magazines, things picked up on walks, old pictures, buttons, jewelry, stamps, typed or handwritten verses and quotes...really anything.

If it's too big to fit in a a frame with glass, use a shadow box or eliminate the glass. In the one with the burlap backing, I used an old cabinet door with no glass, covered some strong cardboard with burlap and used brads to secure the tags.

Just get creative and have fun!

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