Monday, January 14, 2013

Art Project: Making a Sign From a Cabinet Door

This is a super easy project.
I used an old cabinet door, but you can use any piece of wood, canvass, or even heavy cardboard.

The first step is to paint your background. You have to think ahead a little, because the first color is going to be the color of the words, not the overall major color of the piece. Let this dry overnight.

Next, choose your quote. It can be anything meaningful for you.
Once you know how many words you are dealing with, measure your space and figure out the spacing. I was using letters that were just a little over 1" tall, so I spaced my lines 2" apart. Mark these lines with a pencil to make sure you have straight lines.

I bought these letters at an office supply store and they are reusable. The white letters above were used in a previous project. Some of them don't stick as well as they did the first time around, so be aware of that.

Once you are satisfied with the placement of the letters, paint your top color over the entire piece. Be sure to push down on the letters that are not sticking so well so you don't get paint underneath them.

Again, dry overnight.

Carefully peal off the vinyl letters.

Touch up any paint that needs it.
(The first time I used these letters, I didn't have any paint leakage.
 Not sure I will reuse letters in the future.)

You can leave it like this or add some character.

Add some of the under-color paint to any details or edges.

 Put a glaze over it.

Or distress the edges.

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