Friday, January 4, 2013

Post-Holiday Clean Sweep

After putting away all the Christmas decorations this year, 
I still feel a need for calm.
Usually the place looks a little bare when the tree and all the garlands, bows, angels and Santas come down.

 But this year, the house still feels too crowded.
 It may have something to do with having all of
 my daughter's belongings taking up space in the shed, garage, spare bedroom and even spilling into the living room while she takes some pre-grad school classes out of town!

 But mostly I think it's that we just have too much stuff!

In fact, one of our goals for this year is to go through everything, and I do mean everything, and either sell, give away, or throw away as much as possible. 
We are looking into ebay!

So, I thought I would start by looking at a couple places in the house that are making me feel overwhelmed.

The couch is an easy fix. I am going to make 2 or 3 large pillows and get rid of all the smaller ones.

Something like this.

The bookcase is more difficult. I love books and I love just about everything on these shelves. But it is a little busy, so I will try to de-clutter here as well.

I like the styling of this one.

But these pictures tell me something else. Both of these spaces are in the same room, a room with a really intense color on the walls. When we moved here, I was rebelling against 2 years of living with a neutral color palette while selling our house, and 6 months of a rental. I knew when I put this color on the walls that I would tire of it, and now, after 2 years, I think the time has come.

 I want to keep the robin's egg blue of the bookcase backs, painted furniture and accessories, so the color has to coordinate with that.

I am thinking maybe

a nice soft gray,

a pretty yellow,

or another neutral.

Any suggestions?

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