Saturday, May 12, 2012

Decorating is in the Details: Pillows

I love pillows. I think most people do. They add color and depth to a room, whether in a pop of color, or simply layers of pattern and shades of the same color. Plus, next to paint, they are about the cheapest, easiest way to change up the look of a room!

But I always want unique pillows, ones that others don't have. To that end, I rarely buy pillows, I almost always make them. And remake them. Sometimes I just make pillow "slipcovers" that I put on right over the old designs, and sometimes I take off the old pillow covers; when I do, I usually find 4 or 5 designs until I actually get to the original, so it becomes a walk down memory lane!

Here are some I have been working on recently:

This one was for my daughter, an English major who loves Shakespeare: some famous sayings from his plays.
I used stamps because I wanted all the fonts to be different.

I made these 2 for my son and his new wife.
I just painted them freehand.

 These are some pillows I made for the daybed in my craft room. I wanted them to be playful and girly because my granddaughter takes her naps in here and has tea parties at the little table.
Some closeups
This fabric was really the starting point. It was exactly the feeling I was looking for: whimsical flowers, ladybugs and butterflies!

When I made a new slipcover for my couch, I also needed to make new pillows. So I made 10 of them!
I especially love this little blue one. I made it from a sweater that I kept saving from the donation pile year after year because I loved the color and the little buttons that ran down the side. But the style didn't look good on me, so I kept putting it back in the give-away pile. But a few months ago, I finally had an idea: make it into a pillow!

 This one is just a leftover piece of burlap that I drew a P on (for our last name) and stamped a design.
 Here's the couch with all 10 pillows!

Change the color, pattern and size, and you can change the whole look of a room. And they are so easy; if you can sew a straight line, you can make a pillow!

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