Thursday, September 6, 2012

On The Lookout For Just The Right Kitchen Island

Ever since we ripped out the kitchen peninsula, I have been on the lookout for just the right piece of furniture to use as a kitchen island. My criteria was counter height (35-36"), narrow enough to get around the kitchen easily (about 16-18") and not too long so it wouldn't jut out into the dining room (about 36"). 

I was also hoping for wheels to make it more flexible and some type of storage, a drawer, open shelves, anything like that.
I began by trying out tables I already had and living with them for a while.

I started with this antique oak draw leaf table.

I loved the look of it, and I could get 2 stools underneath which made it convenient, but it lacked any storage and was just a little too wide and short to be really comfortable. The other problem with this table was that I was always worried about ruining the finish, and that just would not do in the kitchen.

Next, I tried a table I had painted with chalkboard paint for the grandkids.

It was a little better in that it had a drawer and was  slightly narrower. It still needed to be taller, so I considered adding a shelf to the bottom and then putting wheels on it. This would not only make it taller, it would also add storage and the flexibility I was looking for. But I thought I could do better, and it was still a tiny bit too wide and a hair too long.

So I moved it outside and traded places with a little red table that was sitting on the back porch.

The size was perfect and I LOVED the red color. There was no storage, but I could add a shelf on the bottom and wheels, so I though this might be the one. The problem, however, was that this little table had sat outside for so long, I couldn't get it really clean, thus the large cutting board on top. I was going to have to paint it to be comfortable with the cleanliness, but so far it was my best option.

Then, on one of our painting weekends in Ashland, I found this:

It had been left behind by a tenant, so I brought it home to give it some love and maybe put it in my booth at the Antique Mall.

But first, I tried it out for size in my kitchen.

size:  "16 x 35 "...check
counter height: 36"...check
storage...check and check
wheels...check again

It was meant to be.

Now to make it beautiful!

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