Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seasonal Decorating: Table Runners for Fall

The first day of fall is a good time to change out all the summer details and make room for fall. Around these parts, however, it is still just a little too hot for me to be putting out things like wool fabric and quilts.

But fall is almost here and I am so ready!  The temperature has finally dipped below 90 and the mornings are actually quite cool, so I'm going for it!

Table runners are really easy to make. Here are some ideas for fall:
wool with a linen ruffle and brown floral ribbon

burlap with grey floral ruffle and pumpkin piping

burlap with linen ruffle, black and white polka dot ribbon and pumpkin piping

wool with linen ruffle and blue and brown fleur de lis ribbon

Start by measuring the length of your table. If you want the runner to overhang, add 10-12 inches.
For example, my table is 72" long, so I cut my fabric 84". That makes a 6" overhang on each side.
 The width can be anywhere between 12" and 18". Hem the runner on both long sides.

For the ruffles, decide how long you want it to be and cut the width twice as long as the runner's width. Hem the ruffle on 3 sides; on the 4th side, using the longest stitch on your sewing machine, 
 sew a straight line across, leaving long strands of thread on each side and don't backstitch. Then start to pull one thread on each side, a little at a time, until the ruffle is the same width as the runner.
Stitch the ruffle to the runner, right sides together.

To add decorative ribbon, just stitch it over the top, remembering to turn under the ends.

 If you want piping, you have to think ahead and place it between the ruffle and runner when you stitch them together.

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