Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding/Baby Shower Gifts

I like to take handmade gifts to wedding or baby showers whenever possible.

Sometimes it's easy to make something personal.

For a cute wedding gift, try this:

Spell out the word, "Love" using pretty paper as background and add the wedding date.

 Or use luggage tags with scrapbook paper to match the wedding colors as background. Add the wedding date in the corner to make it even more personal.

As for baby gifts, most people find out their baby's gender early, making it easy to make a personal gift.
Scrapbook paper to match the nursery, baby's name written on luggage tags, 
add date of birth, maybe even height and weight.

But sometimes it takes a little more creativity.

For example, I attended a baby shower recently for someone having her third child. They don't like to know gender ahead of time, so I didn't have much to go on.

This is what I came up with:

Pretty scrapbook paper as the background again.

An appropriate saying, such as,
"we are known to You by name and loved for all eternity"

Then I added 3 luggage tags to write each child's name and birthdate on.

I included a few more tags for any future children.

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  1. these are all such great and thoughtful gifts! I laughed at your comment about the marriage day gift exchange, I recently mentioned that to my fiance and he refused to believe "it could be a thing.I seriously just love your necklace in those bridal photos. you create me wish i had worn one. it's perfect!!!! Wedding Gifts