Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seasonal Decorating is in the Details: A Fall Mantle

The first day of fall came and went with temperatures in the 90's, even creeping up to 100. Needless to say, I had no inclination to start my fall decorating. But with the first of October, it is finally starting to feel like cooler weather is on the way, so I went for a hunt for my fall decor.

I say hunt because that is exactly what I had to do. Some family members moved over the summer and stored some of their things in my shed. I had the foresight to move the Christmas things to the front, but I thought the fall boxes were in the garage. I was wrong.

I am still missing a box, but I gave up and decided to use what I found, plus what I had from my garden.

First, the mantle:
My print from Plymouth, Massachusetts always takes center stage, 
especially in the fall.

The missing box has sprays of leaves and fall flowers, so I gathered what I had that would be the right color for my cream pitcher. Behind it is a birdhouse with apples on it. In front is a garland with pheasant feathers.

In the middle is a beautiful orange and bluish-green pumpkin on a small cake stand.

On the left is a red clock and rustic pitcher; you can see a bit of a birdhouse gourd on the far right. The garland of fall leaves and acorns tie it all together.

A new banner says "thankful"

Tomorrow, the dining room.

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