Friday, November 9, 2012

The Thanksgiving Tree

Okay, one more Fall Decorating post (you had to know it was coming)!

This is something that shows up on Pinterest from time to time and I always think, "That's a good idea, I should make one of those".

Well, today I was feeling a little sorry for myself, missing my grandbabies and thinking about my daughter moving soon, so I started to "count my blessings" to remind myself how many things I have to be thankful for.
And then I remembered the Thanksgiving Tree idea.

It's a really easy project and only took about an hour.

First, I gathered the materials: 
a container, branches from the backyard, burlap and scrapbook paper, floral foam,
scissors and glue, Spanish Moss

Next, I prettied up the container Husband found at a garage sale by pulling off the beautiful red and gold trim and adding a burlap sash and a sign that says "Give Thanks". I just glued everything with plain old white glue.

Then I stuffed the floral thingy into the bottom of the container and pushed the branches into it so they would stay in place. I covered it all with Spanish Moss.

 Be sure to use a lot of branches.

                 At first it seemed like I had enough, but when I saw it in a picture, it looked pretty sparse.

I made a simple leaf pattern and began cutting it out of different papers. 
One tip: use cardstock so it will be pretty on both sides and thick enough not to let light fade out your thankful words and phrases.

I poked a hole in each leaf, threaded some string through, and began writing down things I am thankful for.

Then I hung them on the tree.

I also made up a bunch more leaves and left them next to the tree with a pen to make it easy for me to add something every day and for others as well.

By Thanksgiving, the branches will be full of leaves!

This is a really good project to do with kids. Even the little ones can tell you something they are thankful for and you can write it down for them.

And don't forget to date the leaves so years from now, you can recall all of the wonderful memories!

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