Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Evolution of Bead Board

I have been putting beadboard wallpaper on my family room ceiling this week, and as I have been working, I have been reflecting on the many ways I have used beadboard over the years, and how much I appreciate this new way to get the look, especially when putting it on a ceiling!

In our first house, way back in the 80's, we put beadboard in our dining room as wainscoting. This was in the days before Home Depot and other big box stores that catered to the home improvement junkie, so Husband had to do it the traditional way, one board at a time.
Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of this lovely room because it was so long ago.

In the mid-90's, we remodeled our kitchen in a different house.
This time we used beadboard panels, much easier! 
We used it for the cupboard doors, 
(You can see in this closeup how we did it: cut beadboard to size,
 add trim around the outside, hang and add hardware. It was pretty easy!)

the island and pantry doors
(Hard to see from this distance, but my old pictures are pretty limited!)

We even covered the refrigerator!
It was 20 years old, so if it didn't work out, there was nothing to lose.
 We cut the beadboard panels to size, then glued them on with Liquid Nails.
I wish I had pictures of the refrigerator, but again, so long ago...

When we moved into this house two years ago, I planned to use a lot of beadboard, especially on some of the ceilings.
 We bought some panels and stored them in the shed. 

But last year I discovered Pinterest, and shortly after that,
 I discovered beadboard wallpaper!
At the time, I was trying to figure out how to get my ugly, hollow core doors to look like custom ones without breaking the bank.

Eureka! I had a genius moment and these doors are the result!

This year, when I was thinking about starting on the ceilings, I decided it would be much easier to put wallpaper upside down than big wooden panels, and I could do it without Husband, thus I would not have to wait until he had time.
Here's the beginning. When I get it done, I'll show you the finished project
and explain how I did it.

And those beadboard panels in the shed? After the holidays, I'm going to make a new headboard!

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