Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seasonal Decorating: Porch, Entry, and Other Miscellaneous Spaces

This is my last post on fall decorating.

I think.

But then, you never know, I might make some changes between now and Thanksgiving.

Front door.
 I kept my copper cone-shaped-flower-holder-thing, but took out the white flowers and added branches and leaves from the tree in my front yard.

I pulled the "fall" banner out of the entry and added paper leaves.

That left a void in the entry, so I brought in a tin ceiling panel and added a colorful rooster.

Here it is from a distance. Hard to tell, but the photos were taken by my daughter at Gettysburg in the fall. Lovely reminder of a fun trip.

For a change of pace, since the family room is a lot of white and pale blue, I didn't want to overwhelm it with traditional fall colors, so I just added a brown wool runner and white pumpkins.
Plus a couple pillows just for fall.

The whole picture.

Closeup of the pumpkins in a glass jar with a burlap bow.

All done.

I think!

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